Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Building a Sewing Table

I was inspired by the documentary “We the Tiny House People.”
After seeing the creative things people did with very little space, I realize I have plenty of space. I just need to utilize it better. Below is the before picture, but not entirely. This is after I tossed out some things, bought rolling carts, and stuffed the rest of the sewing projects into the rolling carts.

I went off to hardware land (Home Depot and Lowes elbow to elbow). I was in search of something to use as a table top. At Lowes I found “laminated project panels.” I went off to look for table legs when I spied pine 1x2s—light bulb. I’d make the legs out of 1x2s. I jotted notes and skipped home to draw up plans.

I’m using scrap wood from the garage to try out how it will go together. I’m quite pleased that I’ve cleared off my drafting table. And I’m finding that the roll of brown paper which I’ve been using for sewing patterns is just the right size. I just unroll more when I need it.

Then off to hardware land again to buy the materials. Sorry no pictures. While there I realized I might as well make two tables, so I bought 14 8’ lengths of pine 1x2s, 2 6’ lengths, and two project panels. While headed out I noticed a young man laying out pieces of wood. He was designing a pirate’s treasure chest to use with kids at his church, such fun.

I’m checking the height of the table for sewing. I’ve got the table top on the rolling chest and propped up with 2x4s. You can’t see the 2x4s, because I’ve clamped the lip of the table in place. I’m making sure I’ve got enough clearance underneath.
Back to the drawing board.

I changed the dimensions and so had to redraw the layout. Notice the paper weights. These are cans from Michael’s crafts filled with my rock collection. When I bought the cans I didn’t know they would make such excellent paper weights.
I had to stop here because high winds were forecast. I had to get the apples off my tree before the wind did the job for me. I also need to process blueberries and raspberries before mold beat me to it.

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Lynn Lovegreen said...

What a great project! Have fun with it! :-)